Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last picnic of the summer

I found more pictures from our last picnic of the summer. It was a hot, sticky, buggy afternoon, but that didn't deter the kids at all,  They were off and running as soon as lunch was done. I sat in the shade and swatted bugs while they cavorted from one play structure to the next.
Danica does love the climbing equipment, and JJ is all for following big sister into any adventure but he wants Buppa there when he does the climbing just in case he gets stuck.
Wow, she made it to the top, and she gave me a few gray hairs when she leaned over a bit too far.  Oh my poor heart!

JJ soon left the climber area, and opted for a spin on the swings. 

Danica just moved on to the next climber...
while JJ continued to swing and spin.
The monkey continued to climb.
And I sat sipping my coffee, swatting the bugs, and keeping a close eye on the munchkins with my camera at the ready.   All in all a great last picnic of the summer.

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