Monday, September 23, 2013

Helping with my decorations

We had the kids over for a little visit the other day, and they were both quite taken with the decorations I had in the front porch.  I have a teddy bear that sits out on the porch year round, and  I dress her up in different outfits as the seasons come and go.  The kids think this is just grand, and the teddy bear gets invited to join them for tea and cookies quite often.

JJ was pleased to discover that his shirt matched the bear's outfit, and happily posed for a picture.  
Danica thought she should try the hat on.   Cute Huh?
Actually the bear's outfit was Danica's first Halloween costume and the hat fit her perfectly way back when.  Take a look here.   First Halloween             

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Regenia said...

JJ does look quite pleased that he has the same orange as the pumpkin, doesn't he? Danica was THE cutest pumpkin. I have to repeat myself. They are beautiful children.