Saturday, October 12, 2013

Memories of our Riverwood trip Autumn 2013 - Mornings

We are home from our Autumn holiday at Riverwood, and now I have the joy of sifting through the memories of a mostly fun and fabulous holiday.  It ended on a rather traumatic note, but I'll get to that later.  First let me dwell on the fun and fabulous part.

Mornings at Riverwood are fabulous indeed.  Below is a pic of where we sipped our coffee on warm sunny mornings.
The chairs are just outside the back door of the farmhouse so we don't have far to walk with our coffee.
From this view, you can see our tent, the old barn and the Playner-Mill off in the distance.
A closer view
What I see from my sleeping bag inside the tent first thing in the morning. This window is at the foot of the "bed"

This window is beside me, and the squirrels sometimes throw stuff from the tree down on the tent in the early morning.  They sure are chatty little critters at times.

Although the view is great in the daytime, it is more than terrific on a starry night.   The skies are ablaze with stars and I don't want to close my eyes because of the show they put on for us on a clear night.   Constellations appear in the windows, and shooting stars happen by from time to time. 

On cooler mornings I have my coffee inside the farmhouse, but usually out on the front porch. 

I have lots of good reading material at hand but...
...I usually just gaze out the window instead of reading. 

We had warm sunny days with temps in the 20's, but with the clear crisp nights, the temps went down to 5, and the mornings were a tad more than chilly.   AC braved the front porch on this morning, but he was struggling to warm up.

AC was always in from the tent before me in the mornings, and this is usually how I found him when I walked in the door.  I called him the white monk!   We didn't want to turn the furnace on if we could help it, because the day soon warmed up, so we braved the cold morning air and made warm memories of cool mornings at the farm.   Total fun.
Lots more pics to come.  Stay tuned....


Mary said...

Looks like you guys had a great time (and great weather). I love that wool sweater John is sporting!

We're up at the farm for a couple of days. Weather today was glorious but the leaves are pretty much gone now. We're still enjoying every minute of it. I napped (!!) today. A rare luxury.

Glad to see the happy parts of your getaway.

Sending love, always.

Regenia said...

Very glad you had such a relaxing, good time. The traumatic part has me concerned. Reading that made my stomach flip for you. I do hope JJ and Danica are okay, not to mention both of you and the rest of your family.

Cuppa said...

Mary - Sorry we missed visiting you at the farm AGAIN. I know you understand that we HAD to get home and take care of a few things though. I am still in a kerfuffle over the whole thing...I want my car back!
I am very thankful that we were only shaken and rattled, but we didn't roll. At least it is only the car that can't be fixed, and we are fine and walking around to tell the tale. Yes, I am very thankful this weekend. Enjoy the farm for us, we do love it there.

Regenia - Everyone is OK at our house, but we were in a car accident during the last week of our holiday, and our car is a write-off. It was not a nice way to end our holiday to say the least. But we walked away from it so we are very thankful for that. John is going to blog about it this week, so stay tuned for all the details.