Friday, October 18, 2013

Ride like the wind

Look who is now flying like the wind on her two wheeler - the six year old wonder! 
And there she goes. 
She was working really hard though, and had to take a break to rest her sore hands and tired legs.
The helmet came off, muscles were relaxed...
...a cold drink of water and a hug from Amma were called for, then she was back on the bike again.
Although the newness of riding her bike was exciting, she also enjoyed spending some quiet time with her brother.

Good old fashioned building-blocks are a hit with both kids.
JJ built many villages and space stations with the blocks.  I think this gathering was on the moon.
I think JJ just destroyed the moon base in this picture. As you can see, Danica had given up on the building blocks and had gone over to pester Buppa.  He was getting the upper hand on the rascal.
The holiday was great, but it is nice to be home and enjoying a daily visit with the munchkins again.

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Regenia said...

Love seeing them being the chidren they are! And I know I am repeating myself, but they are beautiful!