Monday, October 14, 2013


Home from the farm safe and sound and enjoying a visit with the munchkins.  Yes, I am very THANKFUL this weekend that it was only our car that cannot be repaired after our accident last week.  We were shaken and rattled, but we didn't roll, and when we were pushed into the oncoming lane of traffic, there was not another car heading down the highway at that time.   We walked away from the accident, but our car didn't.  I am sad about losing our little car, but it is only a car, and we are OK, so all is good.
What a heart-warming joy to greet the kids when the got off the bus and invite them in for hugs and an after- school snack on the day we got home.  JJ got off the bus with his hair all sweaty, and he looked very tired.  It is such a long day for a 4 year old.  After his milk and granola bar he revived a bit, and I am sure the hugs did him a world of good too.

Danica loves to go through Great-grandma Mary's silverware chest.  So after her snack, she set up shop near the patio door,  and looked at all the odds and ends in the silver chest.  Treasures indeed.

Many questions arise when she is sifting through the treasures found in the silver chest.  What's this Amma?  -  a salt spoon; a pickle fork; an apostle spoon; a sugar spoon; - on and on it goes.
The best treasure though, is a hug from Buppa after a long time away.
It is oh so good to be home.

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Regenia said...

Poor JJ DOES look exhausted! At 4 he goes all day? What fun to have Danica ask about the silverware! I don't believe I know what an apostle spoon is.

I just now happened ti think about checking the first blog you wrote after getting in order to see if you wrote back about what happened. I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Being pushed into the opposite lane is REALLY scary! As you said, it could have been far worse. Very glad your munchkins got you both safely.