Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Skill

Danica came for a sleepover last week, and I always try to stay one step ahead of her to keep her busy and entertained.  She noticed that I was crocheting a new afghan for the living room, and wanted to learn how to do it too.  We tried with some wool and a crochet hook, but it was just too much for her at this age, so we went to the store to see if we could find a corking set for her.  We couldn't find one anywhere, but we did find this set of knitting rings and decided to give them a try. 
She picked out some colourful wool, and started with the smallest ring to practice on.
She was very pleased with herself once she got the hang of it.
Concentration plus.
I had to stay close by to help her with some of the steps, but she soon was doing most of it herself.
Happy happy times indeed.
She was up early the next morning, and the first thing she wanted to do was more knitting.   Looks good doesn't it?
Time for a big smile and the finished project. It was big enough to make a  hat for one of her dolls
But she decided to make a friendship cuff with the practice piece of knitting. 
She already has another cuff started for one of her friends.  Such sweet memories we are making together.

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Regenia said...

There are so many things out there for children that I know nothing about. These beginner rings are a wonderful idea! I am glad Danica has a grandma who loves to be with her and encourage her in whatever she wants to tackle.