Monday, September 02, 2013


Well, we made it!   Danica starts Grade One on Tuesday, and JJ starts Kindergarten on Friday, so our pre-school childcare gig had come to an end, and it is bittersweet in so many ways.  I am sad to see the munchkins growing up so fast, but happy that they are moving gleefuly into the rest of their lives, and we will be getting some free time back.  Yahoo and glorioski!  Onward and forward....

Don't know how many pics of them I will have each day in the future, but I will try to post as many as I have each week for you.  Here are some from our last week of babysitting this summer.  Enjoy!

This train was assembled and on it's way even before the kids had breakfast the other day.   JJ was the engineer for this trip, and Danica checked tickets and tended to the passenger's needs.
On the next trip, Danica was the engineer, and JJ was busy with passenger tickets.  

A good time was had by all.  Next 

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Regenia said...

That looks like a wonderful train with very diligent and hard working engineer and conductor! And I love the diversity of the passengers.