Friday, August 30, 2013

Treats at Riverwood

Ooops, here are two pics of treats at Riverwood I forgot to post last week.  Better late than never...right?

We live in a small townhouse with a tiny walk through kitchen.  It is functional, but the operative word is tiny.  Oh how I love the old-fashioned farmhouse kitchen at Riverwood.  It is a treat to work in and a delight to eat in. I wish now, I had taken a better picture of it for this post.  Oh well, let me try to describe it for you.  It has lots of counter space, cupboards, drawers, and windows, but the best part is floor space.  There is more than enough room to "swing a cat" and maybe even a dog.  Elbow space glorious indeed.

 There is a big table  in the middle of the dining area that is near, but clear of the cooking area seen below.  Also in the dining area is a large couch along one wall, windows (with views on two walls) , and built-in cupboards and counter along another.  There are six doors leading into the kitchen, but that isn't a problem.  It is the hub of the house, and there is lots of room for gathering and coming and going.
We have fresh corn on the boil in this picture, and I loved the way the light from the window caught the steam rising, so I ran for my camera.
This is an addition I brought from home this year...yes...our Tassimo coffee maker.  MMMMM, we sure enjoyed delicious coffee on the front porch during this vacation.  I think it will go on my list of things to bring for every visit from now on.  

I am going to go on a hunt to see if I have older pictures of the rest of the kitchen, Here are a few links to older blogs with more pics of the kitchen if you want to take a peek. Riverwood 3  Riverwood 2 
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