Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Afternoons and evenings in the Play-ner Mill

As I mentioned in another blog, when I sit in the Play-ner Mill it is hard to keep focused on my book because of the view outside the windows all around me.
Every time I glance up from the page, this is what captures my view.
Screened in windows all around, and trees dancing in the wind everywhere I look.
AC does manage to read the afternoon away.
In the evenings, we take our after dinner glass of wine down to the Play-ner Mill, light a few candles, and stay until it is time for bed.
Beauty inside and out
Picture taken without a flash so we can see outside.
Same picture taken with a flash.


Regenia said...

Looks totally relaxing! And it sounds like you enjoyed the trip tremendously. Good for you!

Jinksy said...

What a beautiful place - and what a good idea, the screened windows. Nothing worse than night time buzzy things buzzing...

Mary said...

Looks like you guys cleaned the place up a bit! The reflection on the table tells me so. Beautiful pictures. I love napping in the Playner Mill - bliss!