Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Old Town Hall

On one of our adventures, we took the kids for a walk down Main Street, and we walked past our beautiful old Town Hall, seen in this picture below.

It is a grand old building, and when we got close to the front door, the kids asked if we could go inside and look around.  We tried the door, and it was open, so we ventured inside.
What a treat to wander up the main staircase and take in the atmosphere of the fabulous old building.
The kids were enthralled, and looked out the windows at the river below.
Lots of concerts are held in the old auditorium, but the doors were locked today, so we could not get inside that room to take pics.
JJ was quite taken with the place, and asked me if it was a castle.  Sure seemed like a castle to me too.
We couldn't get past the main entrance as the rest of the building housed working offices, and people we hard at work. 

The main entrance was treat enough for us on this day, so after our visit we ventured outside to explore the surrounding grounds.  More on that tomorrow,.


Regenia said...

I have always loved architecture. So I am also enjoying the adventure! I imagine to a little boy it was great fun to imagine being in a castle. From his perspective a place that large would simply have to be a castle, wouldn't it?

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Little boys and grandmas alike felt like they were in a castle. I wish we could have seen all the nooks and crannies in the rest of the building.