Thursday, August 08, 2013

Outside the Castle...I mean...Town Hall

Once outside the front door of the Old Town Hall, we ventured over the bridge so we could look down the Mississippi River towards the railway bridge we had been on the other day. 
JJ was carrying our new Blue Box, but he soon gave up that task so he could try to climb the railing.
Danica got her toes in the bottom rung and wanted to go higher, but Buppa put a stop to that.
Time to check out the new fountain by the back door of the Town hall.
That's close enough to the edge Danica.  Ah Amma, can't I go a bit closer?

View down river from where Danica was standing.
No stones to throw in here, but let's get close to the edge anyway.
We walked across the bridge so we could look at the Town Hall from another vantage point, and the kids found these neat steps leading down to the water.  Of course they had to reach into the water to grab some stones to throw further out into the water.  Again, Buppa kept a tight hold on both little hands. 


Regenia said...

I have decided I would have liked having you two as grandparents!

Cuppa said...

Aww, thanks Regenia. We sure have fun with these two little ones, but I must say, we are more than a tad tired at the end of a day with them. The memories we are making, make it worth every tired moment though.