Friday, August 09, 2013

They love to watch them too.

Yes, the kids love to the watch the videos Buppa posted of them all swimming in the neighbour's pool.

Did you notice the two tins beside the computer?   No, we didn't forget to put the groceries away, they serve a great purpose for these old minds of ours when we are babysitting at the kid's place.

The kids have two cats, Asha and Abby, and they are always on the wrong side of the door.  Meow, let me in, Meow let me out, Meow, I want back in again.  I couldn't keep track of the furry beasties, and when we went out, I  wanted to be sure both cats were safely inside the house.   So, I devised this system with the two tin cans.  One is labelled Asha, and the other Abby, and each end has a label   IN and OUT.  The computer desk is right beside the patio door, so whoever lets a cat in or out has to turn the appropriate tin can over so we know who is in and who is out.  When it is time to go for a swimming lesson or a picnic we know right away if we have to go searching for a furry critter hiding in the back yard, or if both cats are safely inside.  This system has saved me many a grey hair during out babysitting gigs this past summer. 

So, that's what two tins are doing sitting beside the computer in the living room.  I do have method in my madness.


Regenia said...

Clever system! I would think two kids and two cats certainly require some way to keep track of everyone.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - You got that right! The side door was always opening and closing with cats and kids coming and going. Kids were much easier to find than cats, so I had to have a system. I think my daughter thought I has lost it completely, but the system worked for me.