Saturday, August 10, 2013

Enjoying the new deck

We have a very small backyard that suits us just fine as we don't want to have to worry about yard work if we go away for an extended holiday.  We have a screened in front porch that we sit in most of the time during the nice weather, but this year our back stairs had to be replaced, so we decided to extend the  landing enough to make room for two chairs and a little table so we could sit out there and enjoy our early morning coffee or late afternoon glass of wine if we wanted to.  
Comfy chairs and a glass of wine awaiting us on the new deck at the end of the day.

The pansies are having a party...

...and so are we, but I think we need some shade.

Umbrella up...

Ahhh, that's better.
These plant stands were on sale at Home Depot, and I thought they were so pretty we bought two for the new deck.   After a wind storm went through I realized why they were on sale...they are VERY tippy.  We gotta get some sort of anchor for them to keep them upright on a windy day.  But for now, I sure like the way they look, and I just move them up beside the house if a storm threatens. 

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Regenia said...

It looks wonderful! I love the table colors and design. That plant stand IS really pretty and very unique.

We have a screened-in back porch that is my refuge. It is nice to have a place where I feel like I can leave the world behind. Soooooo relaxing. I hope you enjoy yours equally as well!