Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rainy morning at the farm

We had sunshine almost every day of our holiday at Riverwood. One day, the clouds rolled in though, and we had a dandy of a storm.  Thunder, lightening, and pouring, driving rain. We lost power for about two hours, but luckily I had made a delicious cup of coffee before the power went out, and we had enough light to read if we sat out on the front porch, so that is just was we did.  Sat on the porch, sipped our coffee, listened to the rain doing a tap-dance on the roof while we read the morning away.
Perfect activity for a rainy morning.
I did leave my book from time to time to try to get a picture of the downpour outside, but couldn't quite capture it.
This tin sitting on the window sill in the kitchen caught my eye.  Do you remember what used to be in this tin  with the slogan "When it rains it pours..."
Have you guessed it yet?
That's right...Morton's Salt!


Regenia said...

Sounds like a morning I would totally enjoy.

Mary said...

Sounds perfect. I love that you got your coffee made before the power went out!

Do you feel rested after a few days away at the farm? We were totally bummed we didn't get to meet up with you and John. It really has been too, too long.