Sunday, August 25, 2013


We just got home from a grand and glorious week at Riverwood...our little piece of Heaven on Earth.
The Play-ner Mill, our favorite place to sit and read, relax and chat, suffered a bit of damage during a winter storm, but after a little bit of work on a ripped screen, a broken door and scattered furniture.  It was ready to welcome us once more.
AC has made himself right at home, and is relaxing with a good book.  It is hard to read when the view just outside the windows keeps demanding our attention though.
After reading for a while, and relaxing, we set out for a walk  to check out the rest of the grounds, and take a few pictures. 
View of the swimming area from the  Play-ner Mill.
Friendly shadows feels right at home here.
The Friendship Bench under the willow tree down at the swimming area.  This is where we sat to watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky a few years ago during a visit to Riverwood one Thanksgiving.   Lots of great memories here.
Time to head back to the farmhouse for dinner, and contemplate trying to put our tent up tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the fun.

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Anvilcloud said...

If you had a miserable time, you should just say so rather than beating about the bush. :)