Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Memory Nook

Every time I go up and down our stairs I pass this area and think of the women gathered in this little nook, and what priceless gifts they have given to me over the years. You can't see them, but I can, so let me introduce you.

The picture frame arrangement was given to me by my sister after our mother died. She was going through a bag of material scraps she found at mom's house, and discovered pieces of smocking that mom had started for dresses for her grand-daughters, but never finished. My sister kept these pieces and threw the rest of the scraps away. She then cut the smocked fabric into heart shapes, edged them in lace, and framed them with a piece of my Grandmother's unfinished crochet work. I think of all three creative women each time I look at this gift of the heart.
Below the picture is AC's mom's table. She also loved to smock, and created beautiful fabric art with needle and thread. I don't have any of it framed, but I still wear items of clothes she smocked for me. This table brings back memories of her though because she had many of these half tables in her home. She wasn't one to buy new furniture. If she needed a table or china cabinet or stool, she would visit the antique shops till she found the right one. Most of these half tables were from her mother's house, and are bursting with stories to tell. Wish I could hear them all.

On the lower shelf on this table sits a Handmade, Stained-glass Kaleidoscope I purchased in a little gift shop in Petrolia years ago when I went there on a shopping trip with a dear friend. She talked me into buying it and I am so glad she did. I treasure it as it is spinning with memories of girl friends and the good advice, comfort, laughter and tears we have shared over the years. The vivid colours and unique patterns they brought to my life are remembered each time I lift the kaleidoscope to my eye.

On the top of my memory table sits three little angels - Miranda, Mallory and Lindsay. These were presented to me by the little girls living next door to me, the day before we packed up the moving truck and set off on our across the province move. What a traumatic time that was. Ripping up roots and moving across the country was frightening to say the least. Tears were shed as good-bye's were said, and these angels bring back many happy memories of time spent with these delightful girls. You might enjoy reading about one humorous event I recorded here.

Yes, this little nook on the stair landing is crowded with memories of women I value and who shaped my life. Thanks one and all. You are all priceless treasures indeed.


Jinksy said...
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Jinksy said...

Sorry! first attempt came out gobblydegook - try again, jinksy...

That would be a great way to make a 'smocking sampler' in an age when smocking has lost it's rightful place in the fashion world - no doubt because of the time it takes to do it well. Lovely story, too.

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