Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maple Run Studio Tour

Saturday dawned sunny and warm, a perfect day for a ride in the country, so AC and I set off for the Maple Run Studio Tour in Pakenham. One of my favorite artists, Jane Christie - Twisted Sister Jewelery - was on the tour and I wanted to see her latest work so we stopped at her studio first. Here we are on the porch looking at one of her necklaces, it was a beauty, but I managed to resist it and only purchased a pair of earrings. Each piece is a work of art and a joy to wear. You can see a pin she made for me here.
After my visit with Jane we walked over to another studio and enjoyed watching Chris Van Zanten work his magic with coloured glass. Here he is beginning to make a bowl much like the one seen in the picture below.
Each piece is different...
...and absolutely beautiful.
At the end of the tour it was time for a rest and visit with a furry friend. Apparently we were both knackered!
The maple sap was running and so were we!


Jinksy said...

How did I miss Spring blooming on your blogpage? As colourful as that glass vase!

Cuppa said...

AC did make me a pretty spring template for my blog didn't he? I love it!