Sunday, March 08, 2009

Smiles with our morning coffee

Smudge was here for a sleep over last night, and we got this video of her helping Grandpa enjoy his morning coffee.

She thinks it is a hoot, and we think the morning smiles are wonderful.

Just after we finished our coffee we set out for a walk in the sunshine, and then it was home again so Smudge could have a nap before going back to her house. She woke up from her nap in a bit of a state, and started throwing up everywhere. Groan! We spent a worried few hours rocking her and soothing her while she burned up with fever and continued to throw up. Within half and hour of having Gravol and Tylenol she was bouncing around the house once again and has seemed fine every since. Sure gave Grandma and Grandpa a few gray hairs this morning though.

We just heard from Mommy that Smudge is still feeling OK and is eating and drinking just fine, so whatever it was, it has passed. Thank goodness. I have just about finished washing the vomit encrusted sheets, blankets, jackets, onsies, sweaters and other assorted things Smudge threw up on this morning. Sheesh, it got everywhere and I think I can still smell vomit up here. Sigh!

At least she is feeling better now and is home safe and sound with Mommy and Daddy. Grandma is going to bed early tonight to recover from the trauma.


Jinksy said...

That's a giggle and a half to some giggles!

luna pie said...

Awww... poor smudge! Glad to hear she is feeling better! (and EEeeew to vomit encrusted).
I will see you this weekend!