Monday, March 23, 2009

First coffee in the park this season

Sunshine and blue skies visited us today, so we took a picnic lunch to the park. A bitter north wind was blowing so we had to sit in the car to keep warm, but it was still a picnic in the park. Yahoo!
After lunch we went to visit Smudge and took her out shopping with us. We had to stop at Home Depot to get some new baseboard for our front porch repairs. The store had a display of riding lawn mowers in the front entrance hall, and Smudge had to climb up on each and every one of them!!! We were in no hurry, so we let her.
By the time she reached the middle of the row I decided to join her for a ride. It was fun.
When we arrived back home we discovered that the front porch was nice and warm because it was sheltered from the wind, so Smudge played out there for a while. How nice to be out without boots, mitts and heavy coats.

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