Friday, March 20, 2009

Visit with Lacoma

On the way home from Riverwood we took a small side trip to visit Lacoma and Star! It was nice enough to sit out on the deck whilst sipping our wine and catching up on news and views, so we grabbed our jackets and headed outside. What a treat to soak in some sunshine after the long dark winter months.
Star is the newest addition to the family and as you can see, she is making herself right at home. As soon as I got up to take a picture she claimed my chair. The little rascal.
As soon as the munchies were brought out, I shooed her off my chair and she quickly hopped up on "Mommy's" lap to get a snuggle and maybe a goodie or two. You can see Oliver waiting and hoping for AC to drop a crump of chip for him.
I handed the camera to AC and he took a picture of me with my big brother. Isn't he handsome?
The pic below is the view from the deck just behind us. What a beautiful spot in the country they have.
Once the sun went in we retreated inside and both dogs snuggle up with good ole Uncle AC. Oliver is looking at the camera, and Star is getting her back scratched.
AC does love dogs and they seem to take to him too. Star doesn't warm up to just anybody, so AC felt quite priviledged when she jumped up beside him to make friends.
Thanks for the nice visit guys. We always have such a relaxing time with you.

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