Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walk in the Woods with Jinu

Look at the reaction we got from Jinu when we told him it was time for a snowy walk with Mommy, Grandpa and Grauntie.
Nana and Gruncle confer on what Jinu needs to wear on his walk.
After many layers of clothes were added to his tiny frame, Jinu was ready to be loaded into the snuggly.
It was a bit bright at first...
...but Jinu soon relaxed in Mommy's arms and slept soundly for most of the walk.
Grandpa Treebeard took lots of pictures while leading us through the woods on this wintry day full of sunshine.
Grauntie (Grandma-auntie) took lots of pictures too.
What sweet memories we made on this snowy walk in the woods. Thanks for sharing the weekend with us Sare, Jinu, Treebeard and Turtlestack.

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luna pie said...

Aww! Love it!! Thanks for posting these pics, and for sending me the link to the videos too!
I'm already ready to go back... *sigh*