Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Three at Riverwood

What sweet memories of the A Team's wedding, and Turtlestack's fireside readings swirl around the Playner Mill each time I pass it by. It might look cold and empty now, but it is bursting with the warmest memories.
After we visited the Playner Mill we continued on our walk to the Swimming Hole, but stopped to look back and snap a pic of the scene behind us. You can see the Playner Mill on the Right, the Old Barn in the middle and the Farmhouse on the left way back in the distance.
Just a few more pictures of the Friendship Bench, Willow Tree and surrounding area..
...then it is time to make tracks down Southwood Trail.
Blue skies and sunshine graced us each step along the way, but cold winds assaulted us out on the open fields, so soon it was time to head back to the farmhouse to warm up.
More to come tomorrow.

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Jinksy said...

Can't get over the clean, cold clarity of these shots!