Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Second Day at Riverwood

Ahh, now that is much better. We woke up on the second day at Riverwood to blue skies and sunshine - Gloryoski! Time for a walk. The first two pics below are the views from the back door. The first one looking left, the second one looking right. Beautiful huh?

Below, we are setting off across the fields to the Playner Mill, then down to the swimming hole. The snow had enough icy crust to make it easy to walk without snowshoes on this day. It sure was cold though.
The swimming hole looks rather chilly doesn't it? You can just see the back of the Friendship Bench peeking out from beneath the snow is this picture, so the snow is still pretty thick.
The river had lots of ice on it, but we didn't chance a walk along it this year. March is a bit too late for me to venture out on the river ice.
We made our way back to the farmhouse via Pine Fort Hill. The old pine fort ain't what it used to be, but the remaining structure made a nice frame for this pic of the old house.
I was a beautiful day for a walk, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Stay tuned for more Riverwood Beauty tomorrow.

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