Monday, April 06, 2009

No Biking Today!

Old Man Winter and Mother Nature seem to be having a tiff and OMW is winning. Sigh. I think I heard Mother Nature stomp off in a huff last night muttering something like, "Fine, have it your way...but people are not going to be pleased!"

Well, we woke up to this wintry blast this morning, and MN was right - people are not pleased!
AC and I puttered around the house doing chores all morning and then decided to celebrate the day by taking a coffee to the park. We sat snug and dry in the car, while the rainy snow pelted against the windows all around us.
The day had its own beauty and we drank it in along with the delicious hot coffee.

No, we didn't get any biking in today, but it was still a fine day. Hope you enjoyed your Monday too.

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