Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sleepover Fun- Part I

Smudge had a sleepover last weekend and this is how I found her when I went in to her first thing in the morning. She woke up all smiles and ready to hit the floor running for the day. She was a rather soggy mess when I lifted her out of the crib though. Her diaper had leaked, so sleeper, grow bag, sheets and blankets were all wet.
I soon stripped her down, dried her off, fixed her up in a dry diaper and then sent her in to snuggle under the warm blankets with Buppa for a couple of minutes while I went in search of her slippers and housecoat.
Once she was all warm and dry and wrapped in her nice warm robe she made a B-line for my Happy Wall. She does love to look at all the pictures posted there. So do I actually, that is why I call it my Happy Wall. All the memories pictured there make me smile every time I look at them.
After the Happy Wall was perused thoroughly, the photo albums came out and those pics had to all be checked out.
Soon the other books in the bookshelf joined the photo albums on the floor.
Then it was time to head over to Bupp's den for a story.
What a nice way to start the day, with this little ray of sunshine brightening every room. She takes such delight in everything she sees and her smile lights up the atmosphere.

Stay tuned, more sleepover fun pics to follow tomorrow.

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