Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Out and About

Warm sunny days are starting to outnumber the cool rainy ones, so AC and I are out and about on our bikes every chance we get. We have a section of the Trans Canada Trail just down the street from us, so it is a popular spot for bikers. Not very pretty this time of year, but soon it will be lined with green.
This is our favorite spot by the water. Not a lot of green here yet either, but the buds are about ready to burst on a lot of the trees.
We were out walking by the water near our house the other night and happened to notice this huge turtle caught in the underbrush about 30 feet from the water's edge. We forged in and tried to open up a path for him. I think it helped him because we went back looking for him the next day and he was gone.
We headed north on our bikes this morning and look who we found waiting for us around a bend in the road.
We stopped to chat for a spell and then were soon on our way again.
What a marvelous, glorious, beautiful day.

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