Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sleepover Fun - Part II

After a story it was time to play ta-ta with Buppa. Here we see Smudge starting her favorite game - ta-ta'ing the entire box of paper clips one at a time, from the box to Buppa's hand. We then put all the paper clips back in the box and she starts all over again. She is such a little helper!
After the paper clips moved back and forth a few hundred times it was time to go downstairs for breakfast. What's this, a new addition to the room? Smudge isn't quite sure what to make of this furry beast.
She soon made friends though, and went for a ride.
Next it was time for a drum solo...
...then a quick check in the mirror to admire her new hat. (Amma's tea cozy) Hmmm, seems to obstruct the view a bit...
...maybe it would fit the reindeer better.
What an imagination. I love watching her discover and test the world around her. Who says a tea-cozy should only be put on a teapot?

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