Monday, April 27, 2009

Everything old is new again

The last time Smudge was over for a visit I dusted off two more old toys I kept from the days when her mother was an ankle-biter. Smudge thought they were pretty neat.

The Schoolhouse was still a bit old for her, but...
Sesame Street was a bit hit.

Another toy that is always a hit - Playdough. I remember making batches and batches of the stuff. I liked the home make stuff better than the commercial Playdough because it didn't smell.
I think we were making snowmen here. I am not sure though. We were having fun whatever we were making.

1 comment:

Jinksy said...

This reminded me of those lovely
grey toned pastry trimmings that got rolled to death after a baking day! Kids are easily pleased, eh?