Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend Walk

As you can see from the following pics, we had nice sunny weather on the weekend even if it was a bit breezy and cool. We took Smudge out to frolic in the sunshine every chance we could.

Here she is playing with her outdoor chalk.
Then it was time for a walk down the street. Trying to walk with her these days is like trying to heard chickens. She takes off in every direction at once and doesn't like to hold your hand, so this harness was the only way I would dare walk with her near a road. She sure didn't want to stay on the paved road though. She kept heading for the muddy field...
...and stopped to inspect every patch of stones she came to.
Then we set off lickety-split to explore new territory.
Oh, time for another "stone inspection" ...
and a little chat
and then we are off again.
Don't know about Smudge, but I sure slept like a log at night after trying to keep up with her during the day.

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