Friday, May 02, 2008

ET Call Home

I wonder why I thought of ET when I took this picture. Do you think a baby is trying to hide somewhere in this collection?
Babies may be small, but they sure fill up the world around them don't they? Can you tell from this arrangement of toys and stuff what Smudge makes a bee-line for as soon as she hits the floor? Yep, the TV! She has a plethora of toys, but it's the TV she wants to get her little fingers all over.
She has been so persistent in the task that the TV has now been moved to a special shelf above the reach of her sticky little fingers. Coffee tables with sharp edges have been moved to the basement, corners with wires have been barricaded, gates have been put on stairs and locks have been installed on every cupboard and door. OK, every inch of the place has been baby proofed. Right? Wrong!

We sat at the front window watching the garbage men work yesterday morning. I left Smudge there while I went to the kitchen for something. By the time I got to the kitchen I heard a crash. Smudge had squeezed into a seemingly impossible space and pulled the phone onto the floor. Sheesh! Never a dull moment with a baby in the house that is for sure.

We think a new tooth is on its way, so Smudge is not feeling her chipper self today. Sigh! Whiny-Winnie is here for a little visit, so Grandpa is trying to send her on her way by dancing with Smudgy for awhile. Seems to be working for now. Whew!

Well, I guess I had better go spell Grandpa, he is looking a bit weary. Talk to you again soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello! *cheery wave* I must say it is very easy on the eye here now! It looks so pretty! Having smudge on a pic just adds to the prettiness!
Hope she is feeling better today! :o)

Cuppa said...

daffy - AC did do a get job on this spring template for me didn't he?

Smudge was feeling better yesterday, but still not 100%. We did a lot of dancing, walking and hugging. We hope we are all feeling better by Monday and it begins a whole new week of health and energy.