Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Steppin' Out

Smudge seems to be rarin' to go doesn't she? She loves to walk and could do it on her own, but is still very tentative if she doesn't have a hand to hold onto.

She has taken a few steps unaided, but if she has to go more than a step or two it is down on her hands and knees to crawl. Sooner than soon I know, she will not only be stepping, but running, jumping and skipping into the rest of her life. I don't mind making this "please hold my hand Grandma" phase last as long as possible.

The other morning AC/Grandpa was giving Smudge a bottle, and as Daddy was rushing around to leave for work he said, "she can do that on her own now you know. Just prop her up in the corner of the couch and give her the bottle, she can hold it just fine." I said that we would hold her and snuggle her for as many bottles as she would allow us to. Far too soon, she will be past this phase, and want to "do it myself Grandma!"

As parents it seems that each phase takes so long, but as grandparents we know that it goes by too too quickly so we will savor every day of "babyhood" for as long as we can.

When I put her down for her morning nap, we have a snuggle in the rocking chair for a few minutes to quiet down and get ready for sleep. If she drifts off in my arms I cherish the few minutes I have to gaze down at her sleeping face. Nothing quite like holding a sleeping baby in your arms. Awesome!

If you have a small baby at home now, take a minute to really look at them and savor this moment. You will make a memory to tuck away in your heart and be glad you did on some distant day. If you are a grandma like me, and your babies are now adults with babies of their own, take out a memory or two, dust them off and let them warm your heart and soul.

Memories are not glass treasures to be kept locked in a box. They are bright ribbons to be hung in the wind.
Leah Shamara


Jules said...

What a beautiful post! It's so very true...treasure each moment because these little ones grow too quickly. I think the second baby grows even faster than the first, if that's even possible :(

Cuppa said...

R&N's Mom - Thanks. Don't know who made the clock go faster for the second baby, but it does for sure. Treasure every day and make lots of memories. You will be glad you did.