Monday, May 05, 2008

Morning Sunshine

This is how Smudge wakes up most mornings. With smiles and chuckles and lots of energy to send her joyously into her day. Grandpa just lifted her out of the crib in this picture and she was quite happy to see him first thing in the morning.
When a girl can't do a thing with her hair the only way to handle it is with a good laugh. You will notice that she is holding a comb and a brush. I need three instruments to brush Smudge's hair these days. I have to keep rotating them, and seeing as she only has two hands, I need three instruments. I maybe get in two sweeps with the brush or comb before she reaches for it, so I hand it to her and grab the one she drops so I can go at the curly mop again. Round and round and round we go until her hair is all brushed. It lasts for about two minutes before it looks like it hasn't been touched for months again. What a head of hair she has. Makes me wonder what she will think of it when she is a teenager.

Hope you enjoyed the Smudge sunshine for today. I will send more your way tomorrow.


ChrisB said...

She is such a delight. Lovely photos.

luna pie said...

OHhhhhhhhh, I'll tell ya what she's going to think of it when she's a teenager... the woes of curly hair. I think the Sha will know what I am talking about too!! :)
That second picture is just... the BEST!!!!!!
I so hope you are all feeling better toward the end of the week, I would love to see you!