Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Onesies Painsies

Grandpa said he would get Smudge dressed for the day yesterday, and as I sat out in the living room with my morning coffee I could hear him muttering about something in the nursery. After a few minutes they came walking down the hall all set for the day. Well, almost all set for the day.
As you can see from this picture Smudge's onesie is all askew. A onesie is a body suit that goes on over the head and snaps closed between the legs. We didn't have such an invention when our kids were little, but it is all the rage now. Grandpa can't quite get the hang of it though. He gets it caught going on and off over the head, and runs into trouble with the snaps too. He has posted a cute picture on his blog this morning - here.
He also wrote about onesie-painsie here

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