Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

For all you Smudge fans out there, things were kind of up-side-down after all our company and celebrations on the weekend, so I wasn't quite on my game yesterday. Sorry I didn't get anything posted for you.

Mother's Day was celebrated in grand and glorious style in our little corner of the country and a good time was had by all. The Tucker's arrived on Saturday morning, and we had a short visit with them before they took Sarah and her latest beau Joon, from South Korea, to tour our nation's capital.

AC and I started the celebrations early with a Grandmother's day lunch on Friday. What fun! We don't go near restaurants on Mother's Day Sunday because they are all too crowded, but AC always makes a point of taking me out for a meal a few days early. This year Smudge joined us and was as good as gold in the restaurant. It was our first solo trip to a restaurant with her and we managed just fine. Our meal wasn't quite as relaxing as it usually is, but much more fun. Smudge was quite taken with all the people and "festivities" going on all around her. Here she is tasting some of Grandma's apple juice and thought it was quite unique drinking out of a little plastic glass like this. No sippy cup would do for this big girl at lunch that day!

After lunch it was time to go back home and catch some sun on the deck.
This is a new game Smudge likes to play. It is called "Let's see how cute I look in Grandpa's hat!"

Pretty darn cute I'd say!

Saturday was a quiet day for us, but we all gathered at Thesha's house on Sunday for a Mother's Day brunch. Aunties and Uncles joined us for the celebrations, and Smudge entertained us all. She is more fun to watch than any movie.

The sun shone for the whole weekend and we spent lots of time outdoors. Here , Thesha and Smudge enjoy time in the garden so Smudge can inspect the lilac bushes. She wasn't sure what she thought of them. Can you tell from this picture that she is cutting more teeth and is constantly grinding the few that she already has.
After the garden inspection she was ready to head into the house and chow down on some ice cream. I think she had more fun biting down on the spoon though.

While Smudge played "let's make a mess with the ice cream", Grandma enjoyed her favorite cup of coffee before opening some presents. Something happened to the camera, and most of the "present" pictures were all blurry, Sigh! The cutest present was a little tea set for Smudge and I to share. I do love my cup of tea, and I plan on having lots of tea parties with the Wee One when she gets a bit older. I will try to take a picture of the set and post a picture of Smudge with it later this week.
Thank goodness some of the pictures turned out though. I love this one of Auntie Sarah and Smudge?
Sarah is heading back to South Korea next week to resume her teaching position there, so it was extra special to have her here to share some time with us this weekend.

Take care Auntie Sarah. We love you!

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