Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Someone is cutting teeth at our house, so not much spare time has been spent at the computer for the past couple of days. Little Miss Rosy Cheeks has demanded a lot of lap time, so the computer has been put on the shelf and is getting NO laptime. Hence no fresh pictures for the blogs.

We have a lot of pictures on the camera that have yet to be uploaded to the laptop, so once the let me sit on your lap stage has eased up a bit, more pics will be coming your way. Hang on!

While we are awaiting some new pics I thought I would post this old one for your enjoyment. I do have trouble getting Smudge dressed some days, because the weather keeps changing and Smudge is growing like a weed.

On this particular day, Smudge started out wearing a sun dress. The sun went in and I thought she needed a sweater. I picked one out of the drawer and it was far too small, but after I fought to get it on her, I wasn't about the fight to take it off just at that moment.
She was sitting on the floor, and I thought her little legs were getting cold, so I went hunting for a cute little pair of pants to add to the outfit. Well, little was the operative word this day. They were too short, too tight and far to hard to get on, but once on, they were staying put until the next diaper change.

She sure looked funky and I thought it was worth a picture. Her mom is going to deny me dressing privileges if I keep this up. I think it is time to clean out her closet and pack some of these little trouble makers away.

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megz_mum said...

Hard to keep up with those growth spurts!