Thursday, May 22, 2008

Morning coffee

The May long weekend started off warm and sunny, so AC and I decided to go out for breakfast on Saturday morning, then take our coffee to the park. Great idea right? Wrong? Looks like a beautiful spot. Right?
Wrong! Well actually it is quite beautiful, with lots of trees, green grass, blue water, picnic tables, benches...but... on this day, a kazillion black flies, fish flies and mosquitoes took over the park. I took these pictures from inside the car, and we couldn't even sit there for long because the car was too warm to sit in with all the windows up. Sheesh! We couldn't even open the windows a crack because the car was being swarmed with the nasty biting blighters!
After about five minutes, we gave up and high-tailed it for home. We sat in our screened in porch and enjoyed our coffee out there in peace. No water within sight, but no bugs either. Ah, now that's better.

In about two weeks the black flies and fish flies should be history and the mosquitoes should calm down a bit. In the meantime it will be coffee on the porch for us.

Hope you enjoyed a relaxing holiday weekend and you didn't let anything bug you.


megz_mum said...

It looks like a beautiful park - shame about the bities! (oops, spell-check doesn't like that word!)

Cuppa said...

MM - it is a beautiful park and we usually enjoy our morning coffee there, but the bities sent us packin' last weekend. It should be better in about two weeks. Here's hoping anyway.