Monday, May 26, 2008

Typical Day

It is a happy garden day here in our corner of the county - in other words it is raining. A perfect day for reading, writing, and contemplating life. Oh, I do love a Rainy Day. As I sit here by the living room window gazing out on the fresh green world I feel like my soul is getting a drink too. Ah, refreshing.

I have some odds and ends of pictures to share with you today, so thought I would put them together outlining a typical day with the Wee One.

Time to rise and shine! Do you notice what is in her hand? Yes, her comb. I think she is resting up so she will have the energy to figure out what to do with her free-spirited hair today.

After breakfast it is time for a walk with Grandpa. She does love her walk and usually picks a dandelion or two for Grandma. She manages to look very cute in Grandpa's doesn't she? Ah, what sweet memories we are making with her.

On a sunny day, we visit the local park for a ride on a swing. Smudge is not quite sure what she thinks of the swing though. We have to be very gentle with her and not push her too high just yet. I am sure in no time flat she will be saying "Higher Grandpa, Higher!"
In the afternoon we might spend time on the deck.
Or on a rainy day we might visit the library to check out the toys there.

Or just stay at home and play rough and tumble with Grandpa. What fun!
Whew, the Wee One is worn out now, time for a nap before Mom and Dad get home from work.
That was last week, now it is time get busy with this week. If it is raining where you are this morning, take time to enjoy it and let its beauty soak into your soul.


ChrisB said...

I could do with Smudge to pick dandelions to feed my tortoises~ I bet she would find them fascinating!

Mary said...

you guys are amazing! thanks for the update and pictures.

looks like she's keeping you busy.

love you.

Cuppa said...

Chrisb - I bet she would. So would I!

Marm - how are you guys doing? I think about you often as you do nurse duty as well as teaching. How is the patient? Give him a big hug from us too. Love you guys. Hugs Sauntie