Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring Beauty

AC and I took a drive in the country yesterday and were amazed at the size of the lilac bushes everywhere. The bushes in Thesha's back yard are beautiful but only a couple of years old so they haven't reached their full glory yet. The mature ones along the highways and byways in the country however are magnificent.

In a little town north of us we passed this one old house that had this most magical entrance way. I just had to stop and take a picture of it. Pretty huh? Now take a deep breath in, and imagine the fragrance. Out of this world! Wouldn't you love to drive along this lane on your way home every night? This is aroma therapy as only Mother Nature can do it.
While we were oohing and ahhhing over the flowering bushes and shrubs Smudge seemed quite unimpressed by them. She tapped her feet, clapped her hands and giggled a lot to the sounds of Raffi singing , but I think her favorite part of the excursion was our stop at Tim's for coffee and a Timbit or two. Yum!

So ends another week of babysitting. Smudge is cutting teeth, and also had two needles at the doctor's office this week, but she seems to be taking everything in her stride and is keeping her cheery disposition. What a kid!

We had lots of rain this week, but the weekend promises to be full of sunshine and blue skies. Yahoo! We hope to get our garden planted and then sit back and enjoy the colour all summer. I hope you have a weekend full of sunshine too, and are able to walk in it every chance you get.

Smudge lesson this week - Don't let the little things bug you. Keep your cheery disposition no matter what pains come your way and brighten the world around you with your smile.

Talk to you again on Monday.


ChrisB said...

Smudge knows a good thing or two~ Timbits are the best :)

Cuppa said...

Chrisb - I agree. We do love our Tim's coffee and a smackeral of Timbit. Yum!