Saturday, March 01, 2014

Tea with Regenia

 Regenia is a new friend that drops by for a blog visit on a regular basis.  She commented on one of my posts, and mentioned her mother's teacups.  I suggested that we meet for an "across-the-miles" tea party, and use our special teacups for the occasion.  Let me explain.  We would each make a pot of tea, at the same time on the same day, and sit down at the same time to enjoy it.  We would be miles apart, she in her corner of the United States, and I in my small corner of Canada, but our thoughts would meet in the air somewhere in between.   We would both use a teacup full of memories and share a picture or two with each other afterwards.  So, we set a date and time - Tea for Two, at two, on the 1st! 
At 1:30 I set out a pretty teacup, tea plate, and napkin

A little before two I put a cookie or two  on the plate, poured the tea, and  brought my favorite poetry book to the party.

Right on the dot of two, I nestled into my favorite chair, raised my cup and toasted Regenia.

Ahhh, Mary Oliver poetry, a cyber visit with a friend, and a cup of tea.....doesn't get much better than this.

Hope you had fun too Regenia. 



Unknown said...

You look lovely in these photos. Will Regenia post her experience too?

Cuppa said...

Lorna - Thank you. I hope Regenia posts her pics too. It was fun to "meet" a new friend like this.
You get to know the nicest people via the blogs don't you?
Speaking of meeting, we need to plan a visit soon. It's been tooooo long.

Regenia said...

Good morning Sue! How fun to see your pictures! I will share mine also. I spend Saturday mornings at the regional hospital volunteering in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Yesterday the volunteer whose "shift" is after mine was not there so I stayed, waiting to see if maybe she was just late. I ended up helping a handsome little guy who had thrown up and was distressed. He liked being cleaned up and talked to, as they all do. When he snuggled in I thought I would just stay until he drifted off to sleep. All if a sudden I glanced at the clock and it was 1:10. I exlpained to my snuggle buddy that I had to go have tea with a new friend. Being the considerate, sweet guy he is, he allowed me to tuck him in without a squeak of complaint. By the time I signed out and got home it was 2:42!! I had just enough time to get the water boiling for my bluberry tea and be ready for our tea date! But it worked out great because I especially needed the quiet time then! I agree with Lorna that you look beautiful. I will get busy and share the pictures today.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - My goodness, you did have a busy day yesterday. What a heartwarming, and at times heart wrenching, task it must be to work in the NICU. Glad you made it home in time for tea, but happy you gave a needed snuggle to the little guy before you did.
I look forward to seeing pics of your tea party. My email addy is

Dale said...

John's a lucky man, Sue. And I think he knows it.