Thursday, March 06, 2014

Regenia's side of the table at the party.

I just got this in the"mail" the other day, and AC helped me get the formatting just right so I could post it here on my blog for friends who wanted to meet Regenia too.  Enjoy...

Tea at Two

I believe it was 2010 when I began blogging.  At the time my brother, who was a long-time blogger, told me I would make online friends.  I didn’t get that so I gave it no thought.  I was going to blog to sort out thoughts, reflect on life issues that I do not understand.  That has been so good for me.  But the added bonus was just how right my brother was.  I have made online friends and totally enjoy having met them and keeping up with what they share about their lives via their blog posts. 

One friend from Canada suggested we “meet” for tea.  And we did just that.  Sue is in Canada (Ottawa, I believe) and I am just outside of Wilmington, North Carolina.   The many miles separating us made no difference.  We had only to confirm that we were in the same time zone and schedule our calendars.  So, this past Saturday, March 1st we shared tea at 2:00.  I loved the idea.  So, of course, I really looked forward to it.  A fun aspect to our meeting for tea was that we were both using our mothers’ tea cups.  That made it not only fun, but, from my perspective, also touching.  Our mothers could never have imagined their tea cups being used for such a tea between friends.  But I think they would like the idea that their tea cups are still bringing people together.  

Sue has posted wonderful pictures on her blog.  And she did it so promptly!  I am here, several days later and I am finally getting the opportunity to share my part of the tea for two with her.  I had made blueberry scones for book group last week, with the intention of also having a scone with my tea.  

My friend Naazneen shared crumpets from Trader Joe's with me.
I used two tea cups with my pictures as you can see.  Both can be seen in the picture below.  I keep this tray of my mother’s tea cups on my dinning room table.  These are only a few of her collection.  When she had to leave her home my sister and I chose some for ourselves but also set aside the remaining so my mother’s three granddaughters could have some of her cups.  

The fact that my mother’s tea cups are near her picture on the china cabinet gives me pleasure.  Next to her picture are two small angels she gave me early in my married life, maybe even in the first year. 

Sue shared that she read poetry while enjoying her tea.  So let me share what I did.  I was able to think over my morning.  Every Saturday morning I volunteer at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the regional hospital.  I usually help out between 8 AM and Noon.  This past Saturday I was there until 1:20 and just arrived home in time for our 2:00 tea.  (I actually had to tell the handsome little guy I was holding that I had to go for tea with a new friend!)  Anyway, I made notes for myself regarding “my” babies.    

That morning I had the thrill of holding a baby weighing 2 lbs. 13 ounces.  That was the smallest I have ever handled.  Usually the ones that small are in incubators and only the nurses touch them.  But this sweet baby girl no longer had respiratory issues. They were having difficulty, however, regulating her temperature.  So for several hours she and I snuggled, with extra blankets over her.  And guess what?  After our cuddling her temperature was normal. 

I also thought of “my” sweet baby girl, born at 24 weeks, weighing less than two lbs. and originally not expected to live. I love her desperately.  I had the fun of getting to help her coo for the first time and to smile, and to control my fingers so as to be able to control her “paci”!  That was SO much fun to watch.  Here is a picture her mother took for me the day that little sweetheart went home.  I have permission to share her picture with friends.  But because this is the internet I will block out her beautiful little face.   I hate to do that but it seems appropriate. 

Sue, we will have to do this again!!  Thank you for the idea!

You are most welcome for the idea Regenia.  It was fun indeed, and we will have to do it again.  It is so nice to put a face to the name now, and know a bit more about you and your family.  

Have a sunshine filled day, and give those babies a hug from me too.


Regenia said...

Just got done working, Sue. Post looks great! Doubtful I will have the energy to get what I wrote formatted for my blog tonight. But maybe I'll call on my husband too! Your profile says you collect quotes. I love good quotes. Maybe next time we "do" tea we can share quotes also!

Regenia said...

Sue, just had another thought. We can also "share" books during our next get together.

Anvilcloud said...

You did a good job with formatting this, Sue.

Nice to see you Regenia.

Linda said...

Lovely photos, sounds like a great time. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Quotes or books, sounds like great ideas for our next "tea" break.

An old friend laughingly called me the "quote queen". I put them in every greeting card, have them posted on my "Happy Wall" beside my writing nook, and when I started selling or giving away my jewellery creations, I put each item on a card with a quote. I'll take a picture of some and send it to you.

AC - yes, the formatting is good isn't it? thanks

Linda - It was a fun time. Glad you stopped by to say hello this morning. Hope you are getting some of this sunshine in Montreal too. It helps warm us up on these colder than cold March days.