Monday, March 17, 2014

Great-Grandma Pearl's Treasures

We managed to finish our week, of March Break childcare, in one piece, and sort of standing.  I was pretty knackered at the end of the week, but it was fun, and lots of happy memories were made, so worth every tired minute.

It is now time to catch up on some blogs, and post some long overdue pictures.  

AC posted a blog about JJ and Buppa's briefcase here.  This is the other half of the story.

After my mom died, my sister sent me mom's jewel case.  It was full of all her "treasures"...all costume jewellery and bits and bobs  of this and that. A wedding favor from one niece's wedding, a matchbook from another was tucked inside the box with all her jewels.  Memories swirled in the air each time I opened the box and pictured mom wearing different pins and earrings.  I wasn't sure what to do with  the box or contents,  so I tucked the case away on a shelf, and it collected dust there for the past 12 years, 

Danica spends lots of time looking at Great-Grandma Mary's silverware chest, and asks lots of questions about each butter knife,  pickle fork, salt spoon and other interesting pieces.  This year I decided to give mom's jewel box and contents to Danica.  I dusted it off, and presented it to her on the same morning that AC gave JJ his briefcase. 
Can you tell, Danica was more than pleased with this gift?
Here she is holding up a pair of clip-on earrings.
Oh my, what treasures!
She was enthralled with the contents, and the way the  bottom drawer opened when you opened the lid was amazing.
She carefully studied each piece of jewellery, and made sure to put it back in the same compartment in the box.

I am sure mom would be pleased that her great-grand-daughter has her treasures, and cherishes each one. 


Regenia said...

This is SO touching. And how much fun for you to get to do! Wow.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - It was fabulous to see how excited Danica was to get mom's "treasures". So glad I kept them just the way mom had them arranged in the box. Lots of memories came tumbling out each time I opened it, and now Danica can make new ones.