Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last but not least.

Danica had a Spark's sleepover on the weekend before March Break, so JJ came here for a sleepover on that night.  Sleepovers are fun, but one-child-at-a-time works best, and it is easier when the other child has something else to keep them busy so they don't feel left out.

As our children grew out of toys and games, I gave most of them away, but I kept a few favorite ones - namely -  the Fischer-Price Castle, School House and Sesame Street; the tub of  Lego; the bag of Constructs; and Ally's Transformers and Power Rangers. 

During this past sleep-over the last toy, the tub of Lego, came out of storage, and JJ was thrilled. 
This tub of Lego was purchased for Auntie Ally over 30 years ago,  and it still looks good as new. 
What a treasure.
All the Lego men had to join us at the dinner table that night. 
So, that's it.  No more toys in storage.  Glad I kept what I did, and the kids have both had hours of fun playing with all of them.  I wonder if they will still be around for their kids?  I'll keep them safe just in case.


Regenia said...

It must be fun for his Auntie Ally to see pictures of him playing with the legos. Did you keep any of your daughters' favorite books?

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Yes, we kept lots and lots of children's books. Most of them inscribed and dated from Grandmas, Aunties, and of course M&D.
Dani & JJ spent many happy hours on Buppa's knee in the rocking chair in his den, listening to stories he used to read to Shauna and Allyson. Sweet memories indeed.