Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dragon walk

We actually had sunshine and milder temps one day last week when JJ was here for a sleepover, so we went out for a Puddle/Shadow walk.  Well, we thought it would be a Puddle/Shadow walk, but it turned into a Dragon Walk.
Buppa walked on the dry pavement, but JJ wanted nothing but puddles or snow.
We came across this fence with a very interesting hole in it, and decided that it was a special doorway for dragons.  JJ picked up a stone, but it was really a dragon's egg.  He carried it with him for the rest of the walk.  I think it was planted in our front garden when we finally got home. 
Special signs were left in the snow all along the walk.
Artist at work
What's this?  A dragon's den?  A wolf's den?  I had better check it out.
Oh Amma, I see dragons in there.
Oh joy...puddles galore.
Jumping for joy!
I kept trying to get the splash landing, but missed it every time.  At least I got this one with his feet in mid air.  I must get myself a faster camera!

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