Friday, March 21, 2014

Monday morning of Winter Break week

When the kids are on holiday, and we are schedule for a full day of childcare, it is easier for us to go to their house for the day. So Monday morning of March Break, we arrived bright and early to find the kids relaxing on the couch.
Dani is munching a piece of toast while she watches JJ do tricks on his Tablet.
Later that day, Dani got busy with her knitting.
Then we played a game in which we alphabetized all JJ's Skylander figures. 

After lunch, it was quiet rest time, and we said both kids could rest on JJ's new bed in the clouds as long as they were quiet.
Cute huh?  We could hear them laughing and giggle over a game they were playing, but there were fairly quiet, and Buppa and I rested, so all was good.

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