Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Birthday Party

Yes, another year has come and gone, and it was time to party. We arrived at the kids' place late afternoon on party day, and I was given the royal treatment. 
Danica sat right by my side, and made sure I was comfy.  Mommy poured me a glass of wine, and we all settled in for the party.

Danica had to try on all my rings, and really liked this one. 
It was soon time for gifts, and this was a summer bag full of butterfly themed gifts. Pretty, pretty, pretty
Danica, of course, read the card to me.
Then she helped folding the tissue paper...
...and modeling the clothes.  From a sparkly scarf... a sparkly butterfly summer top.
MMMM, time for a birthday feast.  I usually choose Chinese take-out for my birthday, as it is something I would never make for myself, but do enjoy once a year.  Yes, once a year is enough for me.
Sweet and sour chicken balls are a favorite with the kids.  Might be a tad hard to eat though.
All set to dig in...yum!
Now comes the best part for the kids.  Singing, then blowing out the candles...then a finger full of icing.  

It was a fabulous and fun celebration.  I look forward to all the fabulous and fun times to come this year.  68...bring it on!

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Mike said...

You're looking awfully young for 68! Happy Birthday Aunt Sue... hope I get to see you before 69 :)
Love, Sarah