Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sleepover fun

 As I said in the last blog, JJ came for a sleepover before March Break, and we all had fun.  Sleepovers always include a trip to the $$ Store to get a sleepover treat.  I try to point the kids towards a craft item, but in the end the decision is theirs, and JJ more often than not chooses some sort of action set.  We have archery sets, swords and lasers to help him fight the bad guys.  This past sleepover he choose a police set.  It had a badge, ID card, baton, handcuffs with keys, and a gun.    The handcuffs were the biggest hit.
Here he is watching the video he brought over to share with us.

Video is done, and he is on his way up to bed.

Time for a good-night kiss.  You can't see them clearly in this picture, but the handcuffs are around his stuffies.

You can sort of see the handcuffs around this stuffy.  He had two stuffies, and he used the handcuffs like collars to join them together.  JJ goes to sleep listening to music on his iPod, so his ear-phone are in place and he is ready for lights out.  He was sleeping within 15 minutes, and I came in and took the ear phones out and shut off the music. 

Next morning, he was snuggled down in the pillows and played on his Tablet while AC and I enjoyed our wake-up cup of coffee. 


Regenia said...

Love the picture of the "good" guy going off to bed in handcuffs!!

Cuppa said...

Regenia- He is so cute isn't he? Sure makes me smile....a lot.