Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Water Fun

Amazingly enough we had sunshine the other day, and it was warm enough to go to the water park. Will wonders never cease? We thought it was the perfect day to take Smudge to the Waterpark, so we lathered her up with sunscreen, dressed her in a UV protective swimsuit, topped off the outfit with a UV filtering sunhat, and let her run free at the park. She had a blast...
while little brother looked on.
Mommy took her for a walk along the beach...
and Smudge enjoyed high stepping in the puddles along the shore.
Soon it was time to go up to the play area again and try to take control of one of the water guns.
She lost that battle, so skipped off to play in the puddles again.
Her little feet didn't stop long in one spot, and she was one wet and tired little munchkin when it was time to go home.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.

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