Monday, August 17, 2009

Charlie's Garden

This secluded spot is a very special garden on my brother's property. You can't see it from the house or the road, but it is at the front of the house, just up a little hill from the morning gazebo. A narrow winding path leads to this quiet place. The statue you see to the left of centre in this pic is actually in the centre of the garden, and the rocks in the bottom right of the pic make a complete circle around her. If you think of the circle of stones as a clock, I am standing at 6 o'clock to take the picture.
In the pic below my brother is standing at 4:30 on the clock, and this is where his dear dog Charlie is buried. 4:30 was Charlie's favorite time of day, and this is his garden, so it just seemed fitting to make that spot his final resting place.
You can read more about Charlie here and see a picture too. He was quite the dog and was VERY loved.


Bernie said...

What a lovely garden and a beautiful tribute to Charlie, thank you for sharing.....:-) Bernieh

ChrisB said...

That looks such a tranquil place to spend a little time-beautiful.