Sunday, August 30, 2009

Helping Out

There are over 120 acres of land at Riverwood, mostly forest, but a few acres around the house and barns are grassy and need to be mowed. When Farmer Tuck was out cutting the grass the other day I thought it looked like a lot of fun and asked if I could help. He said sure, and after a few instructions on how to operate the riding lawn tractor, I was off and running, and had a total blast!
I wore a hat for protection from the sun, but soon realized that I needed it to protect me from the low hanging tree branches too.
Look out, here I come.
Oh no, I have to go even lower!
Whew, that's better.
The dogs kept me company from time to time...
and Farmer Tuck gave me some guidance in some of the tough areas...
but I was soon on my own again and doing just fine.
After I made a few circles of the yard and driveway, I let AC have a turn on the mower, but he soon gave the job back to me, because he could tell I was just itching to get back at it. I think I was on the tractor for about two hours just mowing the back yard, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Farmer Tuck had spent hours on the tractor the day before grooming the walking trails, so he was glad to take a break with Zeus, while AC and I mowed the yard and driveway for him.

Thanks Farmer Tuck for sharing the fun with me. It was a blast!


ChrisB said...

That looks great fun I've always fancied doing that.

Bernie said...

Loved seeing your pictures, and you did look like you were having a nice to help our Farmer and AC are good people...Have a great day...:-) Hugs

Kathy Trejo said...

That looks fun! why can't they make vacuum sweepers like that for us women? ;-D

Cuppa said...

ChrisB - it was fantabulous fun indeed.

Bernie- glad you enjoyed the pics. I sure had fun that day.

Kathy - What a great idea. Why don't you get right on that. I'll be your first customer!