Saturday, August 29, 2009

Had a great time...

We had a great time at the farm this past week and, wonder of wonders, didn't get a speck of rain! How neat! Now that we are home it is pouring, but the sun shone brightly all week while we were away, so we won't complain about the rain today. We did have some cold nights and rather chilly mornings though. AC has posted a couple of funny pics on his blog here. This is the sight that greeted me when I toddled into the kitchen to get my coffee early one morning. Too funny.

Once the guys warmed up they got busy in the kitchen and made us a delicious breakfast. The RW rule is the guys do most of the cooking at the farm. Gloryoski!
Sunny mornings and afternoons were spent out in the yard with a good book and a dog or two for companions.
Or, we might walk down to the swimming hole...
and then over to the Playner Mill with a bag of books or art supplies to while away the afternoon there.
It is hard to get anything done inside the Playner Mill though because the view from each window is so beautiful I just want to sit and move my gaze from window to window to window.
It is open to breezes and nature sounds, but all screened in, so biting bugs can't get atcha!
Many hours were also spent in the back yard, reading, drawing, writing and gabbing, gabbing, gabbing.
When my sister needed en elevated footstool for her weary feet, BIL was glad to offer his services.
Zeus, the dog, seems to be saying - "Don't even think about using me for a footstool".

More pics to come tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Bernie said...

Cuppa, the farm looks lovely, so glad you enjoyed time with your sister and BIL....I love the rules of the farm......:-) Hugs

Woman at the Well said...

Hello Cuppa,
It's your ancient past come too haunt you. This is your former AZ friend now your Colorado friend, Chelsea. I will be posting on my old blog soon and linking it to my new blog. It's nice to see you again.
Love $ hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - the farm is a little piece of Heaven on earth and we love spending time there.
I think the "no cooking" rule rocks too.

Chelsea - how nice to hear from you. Drop by again soon.